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About East Collision, Inc.

East Collision was founded by Paul Rotondi Sr in 1987, and is now owned and managed by Paul and his son, Paul Jr. Since the day East Collision opened its doors the goal was to provide excellent customer service and superior craftmanship on high-end luxury vehicles.

Our motto is to always have our customers’ vehicles repaired to be “better than before the accident”. No customer vehicle leaves our premises unless the customer is one hundred percent satisfied. As the years go by, we make it a point to always stay up to date with the newest technology that is available in the collision industry, and we now offer a door to door towing service for all of our customers. Because of our elite customer service and repairs, East collisions business continues to grow with a loyal customer base.

Have Your Car Fixed Right

Have you ever heard the old saying, “it is what’s inside that counts”?  Well, the same holds true with auto body repairs and refinish.  There are a lot of auto body repair shops out there that can make your vehicle look good on the outside.  You see the shiny new paint job and you think, “wow! my car looks good”, at least it does from the outside.  

However, if the inside panels and components were not properly repaired, you can end up with serious problems down the road.  The crashworthiness of your vehicle may not be restored leaving the passengers inside at risk if you have a second accident!  You could end up developing a strange new noise while you are driving.  Sometimes vehicle corrosion resistance isn’t properly restored after body repairs have been performed.  All of this can have a major impact on your vehicle’s safety and resale value down the road.

Unfortunately, oftentimes insurance companies look out for their own best interest when paying to have your vehicle repaired.  They may attempt to cut corners on your vehicle’s repairs to increase their profits.  Sometimes parts that should be replaced are repaired instead.  Instead of using authentic parts on your vehicle they are using counterfeit parts also known as “aftermarket parts”.   The insurance company “preferred shops” often use inferior paint, materials, and repair procedures to lower the cost of repairs.  These shops are preferred by your insurance company because they are forced to repair your vehicle the way that is good for the insurance company, not the customer.  It is a major conflict of interest.

What sets East Collision apart from your average body shop is when you bring your vehicle to East Collision you have peace of mind that your vehicle is being repaired the way its manufacturer recommends, not the way that saves the insurance company money at your expense.  Different vehicle manufactures require different equipment, tools, materials, and repair procedures to have their vehicles restored to pre-accident condition.  We follow your vehicle’s manufactures repair procedures to the “T”.  We are one of the only body shops in the Bronx, New York, that has completely invested in the latest and greatest training for our staff and equipment that for most body shop’s just isn’t finically feasible.  That’s why we are the first choice for auto body repair for many luxury car dealerships.

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