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Lifetime Guarantee

East Collision is proud to be able to offer a lifetime written warranty on all of our auto body repairs.

That’s right! Unlike many other auto body shops that rely entirely on the warranties of the parts themselves (which come from the manufacturer), East Collision is so confident in the work we do that we are willing to back it up.

Being in an accident is incredibly stressful. It doesn’t matter whether you were at fault or not, all of the detail work involved with submitting insurance claims and ensuring that your car is back on the road in running condition can be exhausting.  That is why we at East Collision are committed to giving you the peace of mind that comes with a limited lifetime written warranty on auto body repairs.  The last thing that you should be worrying about when you have auto body repair work done is whether or not it is done right.

The specifics of our warranty include the following:

It guarantees that any work done will be performed by East Collision (providing that the vehicle remains in the present owner’s name).  The East Collision Guarantee only applies if defects occur under normal driving conditions and not in case of accidents, abuse, misuse, or negligence. Exclusions to this guarantee include rust-through metal scratches, chips to paint from gravel or rock, and any specific additional stipulations that are listed in the itemizations below.

Warranty Specifics:

Parts: Parts that have been installed by East Collision are guaranteed to have been of the best quality and are subject to the guarantee of the particular supplier. East Collision will help out in handling any claims that you, the customer may have toward the supplier in question. We also guarantee that any of the parts we install are not used or refurbished parts.

Metal Work: East Collision guarantees a lifetime written warranty against any workmanship that is defective. This includes the application of any materials that were utilized in order to make collision repairs to avoid cracking, deterioration, or flaking as well as any welding that was done. East Collision will (at the sole option of the shop) repair and/or repaint any metalwork that needs to be redone.

Painting and Decorative Work: East Collision also provides a lifetime written warranty on any painting-related paint or priming work that results in solvent blistering, flaking, cracking, peeling, or hazing.  This lifetime warranty also applies to the decorative work (such as stripes and decals) that were done and which have peeled or flaked due to application or adhesion defects.  Not included are defects caused by extreme environmental conditions.  East Collision will, at its sole discretion, replaces specific decorative work as it sees fit.

Mechanical Repairs: East Collision also provides a lifetime written warranty on any and all mechanical repairs that they have taken care of and which pertained directly to the original collision damage.  Excluded from this warranty are problems with the suspension, air condition, or other types of electrical components and/or systems.  If a mechanical repair was covered by the warranty East Collision will (at its sole discretion) redo any work that it deems to be necessary.

Note:  NOT included in East Collision Lifetime Written Warranty are incidental costs such as towing fees, car rental fees, assemblies, and components that are not included in this warranty (travel expenses, etc). There will be no variations to this warranty. There will also be no supplements or qualifications due to previous dealings with East Collision or expectations of the customer that may be in addition to those specifications that are listed within this warranty.

If this warranty is altered, tampered, or adjusted by anyone not specifically authorized by East Collision to do so, it will be null and void.

Finally, in every instance, this warranty is not transferable to other persons or vehicles.